Patient Testimonials

I absolutely recommend Hastings Dental to anyone and everyone. The wait time, ease of appointments, friendliness of staff, and communication about treatments, and insurance has all been extraordinary. Leaving my old dental office to transition to Hastings was the smartest move I ever made. The location is VERY easy to find, plenty of parking. They use the newest technology and work to make sure you know what they are doing and why. Love love love!


I came to Dr. Hastings’ office over four years ago, seeking help to replace a filling. It was during this first visit that I became aware of how neglected the health of my teeth had become, although I had regular cleanings and checkups. The amalgam fillings (from many years ago) were beginning to break the teeth. Dr. Tom explained why it was so important to replace old fillings with the new modern Cerec. With the help of Dr. Tom, we made a plan to replace and fix my teeth over the next 4 years. He identified which area needed the most attention and I would schedule the work to be done. Today, I am so happy with the results and feel confident my teeth are receiving the best of care. Not only are my teeth happy, but it is nice to receive a warm welcome from his staff on each visit! Thank you Dr. Tom!

– Peggy

My experience with Hastings Dental Health has been pleasant and positive. I am impressed with their success educating themselves about new and modern dental procedures, their state of the art technology and equipment, and their warm, caring and knowledgeable staff. It is difficult to imagine a practice that offers a better dental care experience than Hastings Dental Health.

– Lionel

I’d be lying if I said I was not nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Tom took the time and explained the entire procedure. Making certain there were no “surprises” definitely took the edge off my discomfort and the day of the procedure everything was delivered as promised. Minimal discomfort, quick…I was done in less than an hour – unlike my prior implant which, while competently done, took over 3 hours to do and about 5 days to recover from. By the afternoon I was good to go – and by following Dr. Tom’s instructions, healing was fast and thorough.


I arrived at Hastings Dental Health in the midst of a crown crisis. Dr. Tom Hastings and his cheerful crew of assistants immediately made me feel more comfortable and confident that my crisis could end happily. I must say I was blown away by how painless and easy it was to have a crown made and installed on my tooth when the Cerec technology is employed. While the little machine across the hall was creating my new crown, I was sitting comfortable in my seat playing SCRABBLE on my iPhone. After several pleasant hours, I went home with my new permanent crown comfortably in place and many SCRABBLE games won.
I highly recommend Hastings Dental Health.


I came to Dr. Hastings with a mouth full of problems and he SAVED my teeth! Everyone in Dr. Hastings’ office is a skilled professional. You are treated with respect, kindness and compassion at every step of your treatment.